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Wolfgang Böhmer was born in Innsbruck in 1970. Here he studied philosophy and has been a journalist for 25 years, freelance artist for 15 years. He has traveled the globe living and experiencing life´s many facets including crisis areas and war ravaged peoples, towns and countries which inspired him to write books and lecture about. His art expresses the speechlessness of our bare naked existence.

To misunderstand

Art: A naked, abstract term for existences with a lack of sense for being.

Do you want to talk to me about art and about my art?
Then let’s talk about life.
Life. Life stripped bare, without certainties with all its pain, ugliness and sorrow.
How can someone who has never met death, breathed the pus of the decay of our present, felt hunger, felt love, presume to judge life?
Art can and should, express and make you feel everything.

Not just to be a fig leaf to cover up the sadness of our existence like the art of souvenir shops.

Arrogance? No.
Art has the duty to provoke, but above all the right to protect itself.
True art is to feel life, accept it and savor it, to the last drop or tear.
Not be self gratifying as today as art is in the anus of money.
ExPics are the essence of an existence.

Technique: Let’s live or die, that’s my technique.
Stop using the concept of téchne that is rooted in knowledge, perception, intuition and painting classes.
Who speaks of téchne, speaks of the experience of life, the dirt, pain, suffering and also the joy of existence, just the existential moments.
Anyone that has no idea about life has no idea of my téchne, of my art.

Those who do not live can never understand ExPics. They can measure it, but never know it as they lack the necessary téchne. For those that do not live, how can they then understand existence?
No picture can ever fill the wretchedness of an existential emptiness, and then it should never be crucified against a wall to stain a hollow existence with color.