Naturalized | answers of the elements

The individual of the industrialized world dries up its roots, gets rid of its origin. A loss that makes man a lost person. Disoriented, we find ourselves in a desperate attempt to find a way back to what and who we are.
The images of this cycle thematise the loss of the natural understanding of life and time.

Naturalized is to be taken literally in my work. I let nature answer. It is she, who literally traces the existential loss in my pictures.
For months the canvases are buried, exposed to nature, the weather, the forces, exposed in the earth. Only the colors of the earth, the play of the damp element from which we come and to which we return, work on this canvas.
The result are answers of the elements to the great, existential questions of existence, moments that lead us back to our roots in the aesthetic experience.

Technique: nature in canvas